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The role of the Parents Association in a school is to work alongside the school’s principal and staff to help provide the best possible education for children. 


At Dromin NS our Parents Association are a vibrant, committed and caring group.  Some of the key events carried out by our Parents Association are school events for new parents, fun days, organising fundraisers for the school and organising raffles for Christmas and Easter. 


You can contact our Parents Association on


The 2022-2023 Dromin NS Parents Association is as follows:


Chairperson: Colin Forde

Vice Chairperson: Lisa O'Rourke

Secretary: Kath Bolger

Vice Secretary: Lorraine Forde

Treasurer: Karen Cunningham

Vice Treasurer: Becky Durnin

Liaison Officer: Karen Cunningham/Lorraine Forde 

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